Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Street Style: Eva Marcille


 This top model has made her come back and im so happy that she getting her spotlight again, from winning America's Next Top Model  to having her own reality TV show Girlfriend Confidential LA . This stunning bombshell style has made a inspiration to me, i love how she can pull any look off  even with her flawless makeup. Eva is never the shy type, she always coming up with something new. Let me know what you think about this diva!
                                          have a great day dolls!


  1. She look beautiful!

    And you have nice blog! : ) Keep on!

  2. I loved her on Americas next top model...The season she was on was the best one. She became more successful than any of the other girls that won...shes so pretty and her style is so cute. RoRos World

  3. I love her style espcially in the seventh image,she is a proper style icon,theres nothing worse than seeing a model who can't dress its heart breaking
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    new follower=)

  4. Love these pictures, her style is amazing! <3

    Have a nice day xoxo


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