Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Trend Report: Slip On Sneakers

 Blogger World! i can't tell you guys how much i miss posting! well im slightly back... i will soon get back on track and hopefully relaunch my website... but until then i wanted to do a quick post on this new trend that's roaming these city streets making us woman feel like we are almost walking on air instead of suffering from those 5 inch heels! Every woman needs a break when it comes to walking in heels! am i right? i think so.... Slip on Sneakers. Yes really! super comfortable and super playful... with these sneaks you can pull of anything, if you want to show off some serious leg with your distressed shorts or just pairing it up with your favorite jeans. Every woman deserve a pair.

This past Saturday, i took a trip to downtown Miami and went to Wynwood's Artwalk and i was rocking my snake slip ons from H&M... almost similar to the Celine slip ons... Hope this post inspires you to go grab a pair! Enjoy....




  1. I can't get enough of the slip-on trend!
    They're so comfy and easy to style :-)

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